Walks: West Preston 2020-06-08

I wasn’t early enough to enjoy the morning fog, but what a crisp morning! I braved a street I once lived in (some memories are harder than others), and pushed further west into some streets I rarely visit anymore, full of the usual mix of terrifying mansion-like things amongst the preserved prior world.

lines / all directions..#lines #shadows #HipstamaticX #fences #houses #trees #sky #walk #Prestonia #TheWesternLands

There are tiny hints amongst the blankness - subtle things, not the wall-high scrawls - I appreciate the little notes.


Remnants of another milk bar that succumbed to the ravages of our times, though I struggle to remembe the particular nature of this one.


Really, it’s just nice to be out, seeing nothing in particular.


Musical accompaniment was something new (competely unheard) and something old (but not listened to for a long time):